Creative and Inclusive Alternative Worship & Contemplation

Holy Ground: Creative and Contemplative Worship

Originally from Exeter Cathedral, Holy Ground is an exciting opportunity to explore, question and express Christian spirituality and values which we would like to bring to the City of Plymouth, offering a safe and inclusive space for all kinds of open-minded people: the creative, people with more questions than answers, people disillusioned with the church of their past, LGBTIQA+ and anyone who feels they don’t fit into the shiny new shape of Church.

All are welcome at Holy Ground which we hope will meet on a monthly basis: At Holy Ground in Exeter, we have enjoyed combining creative approaches to spirituality with stimulating and open-minded discussions about Christianity and its contexts, as well as creating spaces for quiet reflection upon God, ourselves and the world.

This isn’t a ‘church plant’ because a number of Plymouth people who regularly go to the Cathedral on the 2nd Sunday of the Month wanted to share this idea back in their own city and offer a safe and inclusive space. We just want to be: some are part of church and many don’t want to have anything to do with the institution.

Holy Ground is a chance for those from all Christian traditions to explore their ideas and beliefs in an open and generous context: making Church in a Cafe rather than bringing a Cafe into a Church. We hope as well to be a place for all those who are simply curious about Christianity and about God, irrespective of background or tradition. People of all walks of life, lifestyles and orientations find Holy Ground a safe and welcoming space where they can be openly included in a community that seeks to worship God without barriers.

New location: Henry J’s on Mayflower Street, Plymouth 7pm Tues 3rd October 2017

As we gather, we have an opportunity for a contemplative, meditative, multimedia creative celebration of the Eucharist for approximately 3/4 of an hour. After a short break there will be a speaker or an open tabled discussion on a matter of faith, the arts or social justice, and the whole thing should wrap up by 9pm.

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Telephone/SMS: 07976 802123

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